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Our Data section provides you with an analytical view of igaming data from across the globe by highlighting metrics and key indicators in regulated markets, company financial reporting and cash game traffic from all major online poker operators.


The Directory offers detailed information on regulated igaming jurisdictions, online poker networks and poker rooms, and companies that offer online gaming.


PRO offers unprecedented insight into the online poker industry via in-depth reporting. Reports include Analyzing Amaya, is a six-report set into online poker's largest operator, The Online Poker Difference, a primer into the business of online poker, and State of the Online Poker Industry, released twice a year. learn more.


Our News reporting provides more than just headlines. In depth features and analysis on the online poker and broader igaming industry coupled with our condensed Executive Summaries offers users the perspective of the most experienced online poker reporting in the industry.


Explore is the most comprehensive curated listing of igaming news from all major igaming and mainstream media outlets in existence. This well tagged searchable repository allows users to gain a historical perspective of the igaming/online poker industry and is a must for any serious research on the industry.


Tracker provides an overview of the different types of promotions and events run by online poker operators. Displayed in timeline and calendar format, this feature offers valuable context for what is happening when and can be used in conjunction with other data points to provide a more in-depth understanding of the industry.

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